Granite Peak Fall Chairlift Rides

22308990_317457541996805_7497197945725527381_nGranite Peak Fall Chair Lift Rides will soon be up and running on weekends until October. I took my sweetie and went exploring last fall after hearing about it on the radio. Tickets for the 2018 fall season will be $12 for a round trip wrist band if you start at the base, a slight increase from last year. Children 3-5 are always free, but no under 3’s, for obvious safety reasons. Any child 12 and under must have an adult with them.

The views were spectacular, although the trees weren’t fully changed when we visited. I, for one, have never been a fan of heights. The trip up was a piece of cake, you let the chair scoop you up just like you are skiing. My only bad moment was when I realized I hadn’t taken my backpack off and I had to scramble to get out of it in order to close the rail securely across my lap. Phew…

We took a picnic lunch and hiked the trails at the top. There are many trails to choose from, for a wide range of fitness levels. There are bathrooms at the top, and the concession stand was up and running. Picnic areas and grills for cooking are also available. If you are brave enough to climb the observation tower or some of the larger boulders, you can get quite a view!22279460_317458898663336_4914441026332959742_n

The trip down was much more exciting. I resisted the urge to close my eyes and pretended my legs weren’t dangling that high up in the air. We had fun waving and saying hello to passing riders.

Come early and avoid the crowds. Parking at the base is free, but starting at the top requires the park entry fee. Lift times were 11-5, bring cash for your ticket. If you are interested in checking it out this fall, visit the Granite Peak website for specific information and dates for 2018.



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