The Fairlawn Mansion in Superior, Wis

22196132_317460631996496_8437479552775673849_nThis Victorian house museum sits right on Hwy 2 coming into Superior, an elegant piece of history surrounded by a modern city. If you are in the Superior/Duluth area, it is well worth your time to stop and take the tour. The house is beautiful and full of history. Listen for the chiming of the grandfather clock on the first floor landing…it gave me chills. The house is full of original fixtures, period pieces, and many photos of various rooms as they were when the Pattison family lived there. This house also became a children’s home from the 1920’s to the 1960’s and the upper floors let visitors see how the children lived and what their life was like living in such a luxurious setting.

Photos are not allowed during the interior tour, but you can snap away on the grounds outside. The original woodwork and tiled fireplaces are gorgeous. There are many exhibits detailing the extensive restoration process, but in the main office downstairs you can still see the original ceiling in all it’s paint peeling glory. Unfortunately, the mansion is not easily accessible for visitors with mobility issues.


Tours run on the hour and tickets are purchased in the coach house gift shop. Adult tickets are $10, senior and student tickets $8.  There is ample parking behind the mansion. Check out the website for special seasonal events, such as the flashlight tours or holiday treat tours.


8 thoughts on “The Fairlawn Mansion in Superior, Wis

  1. Beautiful mansion! I’ve lived in Superior for so long and finally checked it out about 4 years into living here. Very informative and I love getting to know the town’s history!


  2. This place is beautiful, complete with a rich history behind the building. Many drive by and think nothing if it but it’s a wonderful part of Superior history.


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